Michal Lewkowicz

Michal Lewkowicz was born in Israel where she began studying clarinet under the tutelage of Richard Lesser. In 2003, she was accepted to the “Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Trossingen” in Germany where she studied with Professor Chen Halevi and later with Mr. Ernst Schalder on historical instruments. Her studies culminated in a Diploma with honors in 2007 and an Artists Diploma with honors in 2011. She continued her academic work under the tutor of the bassoonist Professor Sergio Azzolini at the ”Musik-Akademie der Stadt Basel” where she earned a master degree in chamber music with her ensemble, “Glasperlen Trio” and a soloist Diploma.

Michal leads an international career, regularly performing solo, orchestral and chamber music. She has toured extensively as a soloist, chamber and orchestral musician in France, Belgium, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Holland, Germany, Swiss, Austria, Italy, Finland, Luxembourg, Argentina, Canada, Israel and the United States. Her main performance credits include the Palais des Beaux-Arts, Opera Palais Garnier, Wien Konzerthaus, Schönbrunn Schloss, Prinzregenten Theater in Munich, Schauspielhaus Hamburg, Teatro Cervantes de Malaga, the Banff Centre of Arts, the Philharmonie Luxembourg, Teatro Avenida of Buenos Aires city, Turku Concerthouse the Tel Aviv Museum and the Einav Center in Israel.

As an active chamber musician, Michal plays in different ensembles, including one she started with her professor Chen Halevi, “Winds Unlimited” – a unique wind ensemble, which performs classical wind music on accurate replicas of instruments which were played during the 18th and 19th century (www.windsunlimited.com). Another of her ongoing projects is as a member of the Tel Aviv Soloists Ensemble in Israel (www.soloists.co.il), which she has worked with since 2004.

In 2008, Michal was one of the three musicians to win the “DAAD Baden Württemburg” scholarship to study abroad for one year and has used this to study with Professor Charles Neidich in New York City. Between September and December 2009 Michal was a resident of the Banff Centre in Canada after winning a full scholarship for the ‘Music and Sound’ Program.

Throughout her career, Michal has had the privilege of working with many prestigious musicians including Ferenc Rados, Sebastian Tewinkel, Martin Haselböck, Philippe Graffin, Barry Shiffman, Anton Steck, Sol Gabetta, Sergio Azzolini, Gerard Wyss, Nicholas Daniel, Linde Brunmayr Tutz, Szabolcs Zempleni, Christoph Hammer, Penderecki String quartet, Sadao Harada, Colin Carr and composer Sven Ingo Koch. Furthermore, in addition to her main clarinet teachers, Michal has worked with numerous clarinetists such as Antony Pay, Ayako Oshima, Yehuda Gilad, Pierre Andre Taillard, Hakan Rosengren, Dimitiri Ashkenazy, Eli Eban, Robert Spring and Louis Rossi.